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Korea, membrane coverings for 2 waistwater treatment plants

In the run-up to the football world cup 2002, the city of Seoul was searching for solutions to stop the existing odor trouble, created by the open tanks of waistwater treatment plants. For a big company several concepts for membrane coverings were developed, in comparison to common coverings from aluminium or fibre reinforced plastic material. The economy of the solution was of capital importance. The required air exhaust ducts had to be well integrated. In some suggested design types these tubes became part of the bearing structure. Considering the higly corrosive atmosphere within the covered area, tubes from polyethylene or fibre reinforced plastic material were proposed for aeration and supporting structure.
In the favoured solution A, the exhausting tube serves as bearing element for the membrane from pvc-coated polyester, stabilized with low points, tensioned down to stress the fabric. The low points allow rain water to drop into the tanks through a siphon. The simple border flap detail allows an easy assembly and ensures an easy maintenance of the membrane coverings.

Date printed: 24.04.2024