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  • view from the garden
  • panoramic view
  • elevation
  • timber façade
  • section
  • plan view ground floor
  • plan view first floor
  • perspective
  • assembly truck-mounted crane
  • assembly of precast concrete elements
  • crane delivers precast elements to closely building area

Single-family house, Stuttgart-Heumaden

Situated in the dense centre of Stuttgart-Heumaden, this new family home was built as timber construction, replacing an old barn. The primary cubage had to be rebuilt exactly on the narrow site. To obtain enough living space, a completely insulated, water proof basement was planned. To secure the neighbours buildings and the trench, a complex pit sheeting work was required. A new system for waterproof basements (THEPRO) with insulated precast wall elements was chosen and assembled rapidly by a huge truck-mounted crane. The timber constructed house was framed, using prefabricated elements as well.

The horizontal timber façade faces the garden with extensive glazing in all storeys. A dome light provides daylight for the basement. Equipped with high insulation, heat pump, floor heating and controlled ventilation with heat recovery, the house is notably energy-saving, using 57 kWh/m²a of primary energy only.

Year of construction: 2010

Date printed: 24.04.2024