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  • perspective
  • rendering 3D
  • cross section
  • plan view
  • PTFE fabric
  • elevation
  • perspective
  • assembly
  • assembly
  • assembly
  • detail tensioning
  • head detail

Tent in the palace garden Moers/Germany

The general project plan for reshaping the palace grounds Moers included special attractions and care facilities for children and kids. Situated near by the historic centre, the project “Grafschafter Musenhof” comprises a medieval learning-village and the “large table of the history of humanity”. This table is now permanent covered by a textile shelter. It is also available as stage for several performances.
The prestressed membrane of PTFE fabric is highly translucent (40%) and very resistant to age.

Year of construction: 2010
Client: City of Moers
Architekt: Kugel Architekten / Raitz von Frentz und Tilosen
Design services: Design and details 3D, formfinding membrane

Date printed: 24.04.2024