Retractable roof, fortress Kufstein
Kugel + Rein, Architekten und Ingenieure
  • general view fortress Kufstein
  • unfolding membrane roofing
  • steel bearing structure above ruin
  • suspended columns of steel structure
  • convertible roof in folded position
  • convertible roof moving membrane
  • convertible roof moving membrane
  • convertible roof with spanned membrane
  • control cockpit, weathering steel COR-TEN
  • opening of the convertible membrane roofing
  • bunched membrane from PTFE fabric
  • moving membrane PTFE fabric
  • convertible membrane TENARA architectural fabric
  • highly translucent PTFE fabric (SEFAR AG)
  • traslucent membrane rim with flexible gutter
  • floating column, driving system and dewatering
  • central hub and connected membrane belts
  • drapery of TENARA fabric
  • flexible rain gutter from PTFE fabric
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