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SeaplaneTerminal Miami, Watson Island

All features of the new terminal are embraced in a big dome-shaped shell. The southern half on the water front contains the aircraft hangar, equipped with a large opening segment which slides under the permanent roofing and remains open during operation times. The passenger terminal is separated from the hangar by a central glass façade. In the northern half of the building the passenger terminal contains three floor levels. From the covered drop-off driveway, passengers enter the clear, spacious hall with check-in, luggage service and security screening. On the first floor a restaurant provides a great view of the waterfront and Downtown Miami.

The optimised light-weight structure of the dome is composed from elliptical steel girders combined with a rigid framework, establishing a bearing grid shell structure. The central column  with its newel stair carries the ATC tower. The retractable hangar door slides on a circular ground rail track, driven by an electric motor. The roofing is covered with a prestressed textile membrane. The long lasting fabric from glass-PTFE is equipped with a special low-e coating against heating. To improve the indoor acoustical characteristics, absorbing textile panels are proposed, underlining the helical geometry of the main structure. The lower part of the façade is transparent glass all around.

A pier at the shore is connected with the terminal by a covered boardwalk. Here both the shuttle boats from Downtown Miami and the Grumman Albatross aircraft can dock. The airplanes reach the apron and the hangar via a low-pitched ramp from the sea.

Competition “Dawntown Miami 2010”

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