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New roofing “Felsenreitschule” Salzburg, Austria

The topic includes the completely renewal of the existing roofing of the „Felsenreitschule“ to comply with today’s requirements of building physics such as noise insulation, fire protection and thermal insulation. The new roof has to be retractable at least in the area of the existing membrane construction.
The suggested replacement respects the existent skyline of the festival area and assumes the heights of the surrounding roofs. The new structure matches the existing buildings as low and unobtrusive as possible. Especially the landmarked tower of the stage is left undisturbed. The stretch direction of the renewable mobile roof is resumed by a delicate structure. The segments of the new retractable roof are stored under a textile shelter when the roofing is open. This membrane canopy marks the break between fix and retractable parts of the roof.
The ceiling and parts of the existing walls are revetted, articulating the concert hall and integrating the new bridges for the lighting technicians. Acoustic absorbers are blended in as required. The light surface contrasts with the old walls and the rock, articulated with strips of power-LED’s in the face joints. Additional downlights ensure adequate brightness.

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